What is eJoventut?

eJoventut is a junior consultancy association managed by ESADE Business & Law School students, which aims to create a bridge between the academic world and the real companies.

Created as a non-profit association in 1985 in Barcelona, the mission of the Junior Enterprise is to give to ESADE students the possibility of working in consultancy projects, in order to allow them to develop their skills by putting into practice what they have learnt in the School and to have a first contact with the business world; as well as to provide companies an innovative and young reality, always with the rigor and the methodology of ESADE.

Our Board is formed by more than 20 ESADE students who look for projects and find students who want to work on them. In addition, once a year we organise two events: the Innovation Quest and the Consulting Academy.


What do we offer?










Our team

The eJoventut team is formed by a group of 25 extremely implicated members characterised by the undertaking of a solid experience and their commitment to excellence work. Every single member contributes to the ultimate purpose of delivering top quality service to the client.

Board members

Maria Alejandra Aristizabal


Fernando Aldecoa


María Ribas


Mariona Planella

Chief Accountant